Social Customer Care

Resolve issues & improve customer engagement

Social media is a natural, efficient, cost-effective place to resolve issues with your customers—if you have the right software in place to help you.

Your software should help your team do more in less time

Providing helpful automation throughout your workflow saves your team money, giving your agents time to focus on what’s important. With Spredfast, your care team can respond more personally with relevant context to pressing issues.

The context you need for every customer

Use extensive customer context and built-in integrations with CRM to respond personally and swiftly to customer concerns.

A platform designed to break down silos

Dashboards, automated routing, and an interface built with your team's needs in mind--so they actually make sense.

A faster way for your team to work

Make the team you already have faster thanks to sophisticated routing and automation. Track agent performance to document this success.
team work

Boost team efficiency and customer satisfaction


Better direct, 1-to-1 conversations through social channels

Public replies on social, private messaging, and online reviews—in one place.


Automate content workflows and approval routing in Spredfast Conversations

Workflow engine to find, categorize, and automatically route relevant conversations.


make customer support conversations more relevant with added context

Interaction history, threaded conversations, customer attributes, and the ability to connect to CRM systems.


Manage social media content with workflows and asset management

Maintain a knowledge base for quick access to pre-approved responses, images, and links.


Resolve conversations faster

Respond to customers quickly through an advanced agent interface.


Reporting on customer service data and metrics

Accurately report on the customer service metrics that matter to your business.


language and regionality support for agents worldwide

An interface for agents translated in the local language, supporting multi-national teams and channels.


Integrate with the chatbots that your company is using

Easily integrate chatbots alongside agents for seamless transitions.

Why choose Spredfast for your customer service team?

Your success on social channels and messaging can change your business for the better.

Track what matters

Automatically surface the conversations you care about

Understand your customers

The context needed so you’re not treating people like strangers

Improve process at every turn

Reporting and analytics to boost your team’s efficiency

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