Social Media Management

Make your team faster and more effective

You need to understand and manage your brand’s social media presence. Spredfast allows enterprise teams to do just that.

Why Choose Spredfast for Social Media Management

Your team can use Spredfast to plan, collaborate, report, and surface insights from social media—in one platform.

scale needs

You need scale

Your current tool wasn’t built for the size of your brand.

You need certainty

The boxes your current tool checked during the sales cycle don’t check out.


You need agility

Your current tool doesn’t do what you need and can’t keep pace with social.

Your social media management challenges, solved


Data and insights on what is happening on social media channels

Inform content and campaign planning with social data.


Content planning for social media management

Organize content into the campaigns it’s fulfilling, then report on those campaigns.

Content management

Manage social media content with workflows and asset management

Control the content used to populate your social media posts.


Collaborate and work with teams across the company for your social media communications

Chat or assign tasks to work together efficiently.


Enterprise-level governance for social media management

Route your content through the people who need to see and approve it.


Social media management reporting and analytics for your communications & marketing campaigns

Create space for your teams to track what they make and how they work together.


Schedule content publishing on multiple channels

Schedule and publish your content across your global teams and accounts.

Community Management

Better direct, 1-to-1 conversations through social channels

Engage one-on-one with your customers, at the enterprise scale you need.

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