The 2018 Social Media Image and Video Size Guide

The landscape of social media is constantly changing. New features are always being added to social channels, making it an extremely daunting task to make sure all of your content appears as it should online. All kinds of minor mishaps can make your great content—from social media images to video—appear less than great on social channels. Keep this reference guide handy to create smart social content for any channel.

Editor's note: Last updated October, 2018


Profile Photo

Perhaps the most important image for a brand on Facebook, your profile photo is the face of your brand—and it’s often what entices people to view your profile. Your profile photo is a square image that overlays your cover photo and appears when you post, comment, and when you’re searched.

Size: at least 180 x 180

Cover Photo:

While your cover photo only appears on your profile, it is much larger than your profile photo and it can help your brand stand out. Your cover photo gives you the space to express creativity and individuality—use it to connect with your audience.

Size: 820 x 312

Mobile Cover Photo:

Your cover photo also appears on mobile devices. It’s therefore important to choose a graphic or photo that’s mobile-friendly and compliments your brand’s style.

Size: 563 Centered

Shared Image

Shared images are the most common posts on Facebook and they're a great way to connect with your audience. Shared images appear on your timeline as well as in your followers’ News Feeds. The higher the number of people who engage with your shared image, the more likely it is to reach new people.

Size: 1200 x 630

Shared Link

Shared links are another popular form of Facebook posts. When you share a link, you can include a small square image (or preview image) on the left-hand side of your post, and text on the right. Or, you can include a large image on top of your post with text beneath.

Size: 1200 x 628

Event Image

Hosting a live or in-venue event? Creating an event on Facebook is one of the best ways to spread the word, increase brand awareness, and reach new audiences. Your event image should be visually appealing and relevant to the event you’re hosting. When a follower likes or RSVPs to an event (by clicking “interested” or “attending”), their followers are notified and can like, share, or comment on their activity.

Size: 1920 x 1080

Mobile Carousel Images

Mobile carousel images allow brands to showcase new products. The images are easy for users to swipe through, and you can include direct links to your product pages.

Size: 1080 x 1080

Aspect ratio: 1:1

File size: Up to 30 MB

Can upload: 2-10 images at a time

Mobile Carousel Videos

Mobile carousel images allow brands to showcase new products. The images are easy for users to swipe through and you can include direct links to your product pages.

Size: 1080 x 1080

Aspect ratio: 1 x 1

File format: H.264

File size: Up to 4 GB max


  • For best quality, use PNGs—especially when images include text.
  • Native video autoplays in News Feed. Use the first few seconds to capture attention.
  • Plan to promote? Images must contain < 20% text. This tool can help you check.


Profile Picture

Your Twitter profile picture is just as important as any other profile picture on social media, as it represents your brand to millions of people online. Your Twitter profile picture is displayed in three areas: on your profile; in-stream as a smaller picture that appears every time you tweet, retweet, or are retweeted; and in the “Who to Follow” box, which is located to the right of your Twitter feed.

Size: 400 x 400

Maximum file size: 2 MB

Image types include: JPG, GIF or PNG

Header Image

Just like a Facebook cover image, your Twitter header image can showcase your brand’s creative side. Choose a visually appealing photo that best represents your brand’s voice and speaks directly to your audience. Header images on Twitter appear on both desktop and mobile, so be sure to use an image that works on each.

Size: 1500 x 500

In-Feed Image (Preview)

An image preview is displayed when you post a large image to your Twitter feed. The image appears collapsed into a smaller version that fits neatly into your feed. It’s important to make sure that the collapsed image shows the most important part of your photo. Set the width of your image to fit the sizing requirements below and horizontally center your content (which avoids awkward cropping).

Size: 506 x 253

Aspect ratios: 2:1 for full preview, or 1:1; up to 600 pixels

Standard In-Feed Image

Twitter allows users to easily attach photos to posts. It’s important to note that Twitter no longer counts uploaded attached images towards the character count limit.

Size: 1024 x 512 max. Up to four photos at one time.

Maximum file size: 5 MB

Promoted maximum file size: 3 MB

Mobile maximum file size: 5 MB

Desktop max file size: 15 MB

Lead Generation Card

Lead Generation Cards make it easy for your Twitter followers to express interest in your brand. These cards allow Twitter users to easily and securely share their email address with a business without leaving Twitter or filling out a long online form.

Size: 800 x 200

Maximum file size: 3 MB

Native Video

Twitter allows users to upload two formats of native video: landscape and portrait. These two formats are available when you upload video directly to Twitter and offer an alternative to sharing a link to a YouTube video. Consult our tips below about the ideal dimensions and bitrate of your videos.

Size: 1920 x 1080

Time: up to 140 seconds

File format desktop: MP4 with H264 format with AAC audio

File Format Mobile: .MP4 and .MOV

Maximum file size: 512 MB

Website Card

Website Cards are optimized to drive traffic and generate conversations on your website. They also allow Twitter users to visit your website quickly and easily directly from a tweet. A Website Card displays your website’s homepage image, title, and includes a “Read More” button that directly links to your site.

Size: 800 x 320

Maximum file size: 3 MB


  • Share up to 1 GIF per tweet & tag unlimited people in each photo.
  • Avoid key details in the lower left quadrant of your header photo—profile overlap varies with browser window width.


Profile Picture

While small in scale, your Instagram profile picture is extremely important to your brand's overall appearance because it serves as the “face” of your brand online. It’s visible to the left of your username, at the top of your Instagram profile page, and it also appears when you add Stories and IGTV posts.

Size: 110 x 110

Shared Photo

Instagram is all about photo sharing and creativity so it’s important that your posts adhere to your brand’s sense of individuality and are in line with your brand voice. The platform now allows users to choose from three different photo sizes: square, landscape, and portrait.

Size: 1080 x 1080

Square: 1080 x 1080

Aspect Ratio: 1.91:1 and 4:5

Shared Video

Video is becoming increasingly popular on Instagram. Posting well-thought-out videos gives your feed variety and makes your content more exciting. Like shared photos, videos can be posted in the square, landscape, and portrait mode and they should follow the corresponding size requirements listed below.

Height: variable

Maximum file size: 15 MB

Length: 3 - 60 seconds

Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories can be uploaded as either pictures or videos. Stories offer unique features that make single image and video ads more visually appealing and exciting. You can choose from GIFs, stickers, and marker tools to customize your content and you can also add locations, mentions, and time and weather graphics.

Size: 1080 x 1920

Minimum resolution: 600 x 1067

Aspect ratio: 9:16

Maximum file size: 4 GB

IGTV (Instagram TV)

IGTV is Instagram's video streaming feature that allows users to broadcast real-time and pre-recorded videos quickly and easily on their own unique channel. Your brand’s profile picture appears when users search your brand in IGTV and it also appears as a small circle in the upper left corner of each video you post. Your profile picture will link directly to your brand’s Instagram profile, making it easy to increase traffic and engagement.

Size: (MP4 file format, vertical): 9:16

Minimum frame rate: 30 FPS

Minimum Resolution: 720 pixels

Minimum file size for videos: up to 10min; 650 MB

Maximum file size for videos: up to 60 min; 3.6 GB


  • Add a link to your bio to drive traffic to a site. There are no hyperlinks allowed in comments.
  • Instagram Stories run for 24 hours.
  • As of now, you cannot edit the cover photo of your IGTV post after you’ve uploaded it to Instagram.


Profile Picture

When you first create a Pinterest profile, you have the option to set up your account through your Facebook, Twitter, or email. If you choose one of the social networks, your profile picture from that platform will automatically be uploaded as your Pinterest profile picture. If you choose to set up your account through your email, you will be able to choose your own picture.

Size: 165x165

Pin Preview

Pinterest puts a limit on the width of your Pins but not on the length. If your Pin exceeds the width requirement, your Pin will display in preview mode, which is a condensed version of the original Pin. Pin previews can be expanded by clicking on them.

Width: 236

Expanded Pin

An expanded Pin displays the entire image.

Size: 600 x 900

Ratio: 2:3

Max Height: 2061

Board Cover Image

Creating a board is the primary function of Pinterest, so choosing a captivating board cover image is crucial. Be sure to choose an image that is both in line with your brand voice and is relevant to the overarching theme or subject of the board itself.

Size: 214 x 100

Board Thumbnail (Small/Large)

Your board thumbnail is the portion of your board that’s displayed on your main profile. It shows a preview of the Pins that are included in the board (typically the first four Pins you posted in your board).

Size, Small: 55 x 55

Size, Large: 222 x 150


  • If you take twice up as much height as a 2:3 Pin, you’ll need twice as much engagement to get into the Smart Feed as often.
  • Multimedia like Youtube, Vimeo, and GIFs will play in an expanded view.
  • Promoted video moves as users scroll and can be expanded to a new tab with relevant products featured.


Company Profile Picture

Your company logo is the most important image on your LinkedIn profile and, luckily, it’s also the easiest image to for brands to post. Simply upload your company’s logo on your company’s page and it will appear on your company’s profile.

Size: 400 x 400

Company Banner Image

The banner image is one of the newest and most exciting images a company can post on their LinkedIn profile because it allows them to show their unique brand voice like never before. The banner appears when a user visits a brand’s profile, so uploading an image that is captivating and enticing is very important for keeping their attention.

Size: 646 x 220 (minimum)

Shared Image

A shared image on LinkedIn appears on your company’s profile and in your followers’ feeds. Posting pictures that capture company events, news, and promotions can attract new people to your page and keep current followers engaged.

Size: 1200 x 627

Ratio: 1.91:1

Shared Link

Like a shared image, a shared link appears in-feed and on your company’s timeline. Shared links display a thumbnail image of the website you’re linking to.

Size: 1200 x 627 Ratio: 1.91:1

Square Logo

The square logo is a small image that appears when a user searches for your company using the search bar on the top of the page.

Size: 400 x 400

Blog Post Link

LinkedIn’s blog post links appear when you share a blog post link, a large image appears on top of your post with your text beneath.

Size: 1200 x 628

Hero Image

A hero image appears when you create a group on LinkedIn and appears at the top center of your group’s feed. You can customize the colors and design of the image by selecting the “Manage” option, choosing “Group Information” from the left sidebar, and uploading your own image.

Size: 1128 x 376

Shared Post

Shared posts appear in your followers' feeds as well as under your profile.

Size: 698 x 400


  • YouTube, Vimeo, and SlideShare will play in an expanded preview.


Channel Icon

Much like a profile picture, your YouTube channel icon is the first thing users see when they search for your brand. The icon appears under the videos you upload as well as on your channel’s profile.

Size: 800 x 800

Standard Video

Despite YouTube allowing users to upload different types of video and other media, there is only one format for the video player. When you upload a video with a smaller ratio than the ones specified below, the video will pillarbox the sides to make sure it fits in the player, so make sure to adhere to the following dimensions.

  • Ratio: 16:9

  • Max. Resolution: 2160 p

  • Max. Length: 11 hrs

  • Max. File Size: 128 GB

Video Thumbnail

Your video thumbnail on YouTube should be eye-catching enough to get people to want to watch your video.

Size: 1280 x 720

Channel Cover Image

The Channel cover image will appear on your Channel’s profile. The image should be visually captivating and communicate the core values, style, and voice of your brand.

Size: 2560 x 1440

Video Title

Video titles on YouTube are shown directly below the video and are aligned to the left hand side of the screen.

Max. characters: 100

Video Description

Video descriptions on YouTube are located directly below the video’s title. The description section will expand if you enter a lot of text and it displays your Channel name, the date the video was published, and the “Subscribe” button on the right hand side.

  • Max. characters: 5,000

  • Keep text and logos: centered, 1546 x 423


Standard Image & Video

Images and videos can be sent on Snapchat to many users at once and they can be between one and 10 seconds long. All pictures and videos are customizable with pen and marker tools, photo effects, filters, and they can include weather, time and location widgets.

Length, Image: 1 - 10 sec.

Length, Video: up to 10 sec.


Like images and videos, Snapchat Stories can run between one and 10 seconds. Once they’re posted, they will stay up for 24 hours and then they will be automatically deleted.

Viewable up to: 24 hours


GeoFilters are used to mark your location in a specific area. These filters are overlaid on the videos and pictures you post and send and they can be accessed simply by swiping through all of the available filters.

Size: 1080 x 1920

Max. File Size: Under 300 MB

File Format: .PNG with transparent background