How Brands Should Cope with Increasing Social Customer Service Demand: The Social Iceberg

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In 2015, our research team discovered a trend on social media that offered us the chance to put the tip-of-the-iceberg metaphor to use: We found that 93% of brand tweets were 1:1—between a person and a brand—as opposed to tweets from a brand to all its followers. 

A year later, we re-ran the data, finding that the percentage of time brands spend on 1:1 had increased. That 2016 report also showed that a shocking 89% of customer tweets at brands went unanswered, despite brands’ investment in 1:1 communication.

This year, we ran the data a third time, wondering:

  • Have brands continued to invest more time in 1:1 communication?
  • Has the percentage of customer tweets at brands increased or decreased since 2016?
  • How do the above two statistics differ by industry?

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